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Answered: How do I be an entrepreneur?

I have never aspired to be an entrepreneur in my 20’s. I stumbled upon it and rolled with it like how I do with everything that comes my way. Being an entrepreneur is a projection. You literally throw it in the world’s face every moment you can like how stay-at-home dads do with 40 photo albums of their kids on their phone. After some patience of a buddhist monk and a few Gary Vee quotes, you will be known as an entrepreneur.

There is no secret to being labeled an entrepreneur. You get the word out to the most amount of people in the most efficient way possible. Back in the day, I used Instagram, LinkedIn, and every networking event at my disposal. I posted pictures of my event name tags that had “entrepreneur” labeled, and me at airports. Because entrepreneurs go places. I posted instagram stories of me shaking hands with important looking strangers in a suit. You could also snap a pic in the middle of getting your pump on at the gym. Entrepreneurs are always taking photos of themselves at gyms as a sign that they’re crushing it in the real world. If you happen to find an airport with a gym, even better. I am already up 4 followers as I write this post! Blessed.

The key is to fundamentally dedicate all your time to maintaining your entrepreneurial image and not doing any real work; spend countless hours slapping inspirational quotes onto photos of well-dressed alpha males, like Leonardo DiCaprio from Wolf of Wall Street with fabricated statistical phrases like, “97% of people who quit too sooner are employed by the 3% who never gave up.” Yes, yes that’s it. Use a quote that will really inspire your audience and use like 20 entrepreneur hashtags to let everyone know that you grind harder than everyone else.

Every now and then you should post a pic of yourself standing in front of a Tesla. Because Tesla’s are progressive. Don’t worry if you don’t own one, you’ll spot one at your local Whole Foods parking lot. Whenever you drive your beige 1995 Toyota Corolla to the Western Union next door, just snap a different Tesla (before anyone spots you) and caption “Another One – DJ Khaled” . That my friends, is called a hustle.

You also need to belittle the working class with double entendre sayings like, “You need talent; you need hard work”. Maybe it’s the vegan intermittent fasting and ketogenic biohacking diet talking but to someone who doesn’t do any real entrepreneurial work, the quote really speaks to them. It will inspire to put in that overtime at Primerica.

And always remember: Boiler Room is a Christmas movie.

(FYI — The post image made no sense to me)

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