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Azn Pride 4 life

I’ve recently been on an Elite Daily binge. They write some fantastic satire articles. The kinda stuff you think but don’t really bring up as dinner table conversation. The latest one I read that resonated with me, 5 Ways Dating Someone From A Different Culture Changes Your Life.

I’ve been on dates and dated long term of different ethnicities under the sun. Yes, their cultural differences was part of their attractive appeal but never the primary reason. As I read this, it reminded me of this one white girl who definitely had a racial fetish on my culture. I never thought too much into it and happily obliged in helping her understanding more about my cultural ancestry. Because I have AZN pride right? Here’s the problem – She wanted to learn about Asian culture but I’m American raised Asian. I didn’t teach her about the Japanese invasion in WWII or explained the colonization of HK. I only felt comfortable educating her on AZN culture. Here’s the AZN education I dropped on this girl:

Azn gangstas had gold bangs

erwin lee azn pride

Sadly I rocked this but couldn’t afford the gold bangs so all I had was just dorky ass split haircut. Worthy of mockery by today’s standard.

The baggier your jeans, the more gangsta you were.

erwin lee jnco jeans

I can’t help but laugh while writing this because I was part of this fad. I couldn’t find the picture but Azn’s did it differently, we stuffed the pant leg into our socks so they only barely drag on the floor. It was kind of like lowering your car, you want it to look low to the ground but still have ground clearance.

You knew all the words to All My Life

erwin lee kc and jojo

This was the song that serenaded the azn baby angels. You were the Azn Playboy if you could play the opening on piano. 

The designated 'Azn Baby Angel'

erwin lee azn bb angel

You let the world (AIM and Asian Avenue) know that you were taken and in love. 

Your car is basic if it wasn't riced out

erwin lee tuner civic

You were the king of the tuner world if you owned an NSX, Supra, or DSM with mad horsepower. Fast and Furious really glorified this already major scene. 

Love meant sacrificing your eyes

This video was the controversy of every relationship. A story of the photographer, motorcycle racer guy who went to wash his goddamnn hair and chose to give his eyes to this clumsy ass hair salon girl. Cuz that’s love right?! The prerequisite in being with your crush was answering if you would give up your eyes for her. I never found love in the 90’s.

MC Jin was the Asian representative in the freestyle rap community

This was my favorite battle. When I was young, it was crazy seeing him featured on BET’s 106 and Park. We used to see him all the time at Cherry Park when we played handball and didn’t understand why he was trying so hard to be acknowledged by the black freestyle rappers in the area. Now looking back, to me he was the first to break the stereotype of why. 

You with Hung Hing?

erwin lee young and dangerous

You weren’t a real Azn gangsta if you didn’t watch this Chinese classic out of HK. 

The OG import models

erwin lee francine dee

You’re a teenager just learning to drive manual and you roll up to your first race event and import show. Behold from the magazine covers to 2 feet from your eyes is Misa Campo, Kaila Yu, Tila Nguyen, and Francine Dee. Oh Lawd, FRANCINE DEE…. How Kleenex was used for more than just blowing your nose.

Looking back, I feel kinda bad for the girl. She was expecting first class ticket cultural lessons to Asia but instead ended up on a $1 Mega Bus fare en route to 1990’s Chinatown, New York.

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