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If it’s time to go, it’s time.

Growing up like many, Marvel comics played a big part of my childhood. A time before the Internet where I had to learn patience to wake up at 8 AM for the Saturday morning X-men cartoon. I worked extra deliveries just to make the few extra bucks for the latest X-men comic books. I wouldn’t even read them more than once just to keep them in near mint condition for collecting. I put more focus in remembering the content of those comics than any school textbook I picked up in my youth.

Today a legendary creative icon has left the planet today at the age of 95. His imaginative work touched the hearts and minds of the entire planet. Imagine our world today without his work. We have a lot to be thankful for in his commitment. If you know of his work, none other than the man himself quoted the title of this blog post.

Marvel made a really great tribute to Stan Lee. A lot of unseen scenes and inspirational words from the man himself.

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