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Being second is the first of the ones to lose

Thanks to my best friend and courtesy of a major brand who I cannot say no matter how hard you guys push, I was given a super exclusive experience to my first Formula One GP race in Montreal, Canada. This was a treat because I love everything about motor racing beyond just the cars. I love the business behind it. The competitive nature. The strive to be the best. It is the ultimate world to be in.

It was 5:45 AM and we woke up ultra early for an exclusive behind the scenes of the major brand’s team. If you still haven’t figured out who was so kind to us – I’ll give you a hint: they’re Italian but the other red team.

Most of my days is working and forgetting to take time away for myself. Like I mean selfishly not think about work and personal responsibilities. But when you’re presented an experience not many get to have over a sport you’re personally passionate about – you make the effort to shut down everything else and just be in the moment.

I had a great time with my best friend and his son. Fast cars aside, I ran into some great acquaintances and I learned more about my best friend and his son. Definitely a good break and much needed break.

I can say with all confidence I am hooked on Formula One Grand Prix racing. My first and surely will not be my last experience.

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