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Introducing Erwin NEW AND IMPROVED!

Kind of wild to think that today is Chinese New Year AND my birthday! Apparently this only occurs to a small number of people born during the lunar period and the day of birth connecting with the lunar year is once every 60 years according to my dad. Is it a big deal? Who knows? But I’ll take any excuse to make things a big deal. 

Speaking of big deals, I will be announcing something from my professional world in the works for nearly a year. What I’m about to say is a bit cryptic but it’s often in my nature to be mysterious. This change is good on paper but I’m not sure how to feel yet. After nearly 8 years of working with different team members, business leaders, and vendor partners, I feel like I am letting go a big part of myself. I’m not often preemptively fearful and I think it’s because I don’t know where or how to steer this overwhelming concern.

Personally, traveling has been taking a toll on me. Friends are fading faster than my haircuts. But I’ve been meeting new people who have been pretty stellar. I’ve been extremely cryptic with them. I find it helps me better understand who they are without intent. Making new friends as an adult is complicated. You don’t want to overthink but can’t help what to say when.  

On a lighter note, I’m addicted to TikTok. Yeah. I’ve been on it for over a month now and I have to say it is the most fun mobile app I have ever used. I figured it would be something I would get bored with over time but it’s been a month and the amount of time I have spent on this app probably isn’t healthy. I began posting after New Year and I’m basically now posting once a day. I’m trying to get everyone to join but being shut down because it’s apparently for children.

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