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McGregor lost but he actually won, against us

If you watched yesterday’s global event McGregor vs. Mayweather, it’s no a spoiler by now that McGregor lost to Mayweather last night. But did he really lose?

  1. He’s walking away as a ‘loser’ that just made $100m with a few publicity stunts and putting on a 30 second show. Let’s not forget less than 5 years ago, this man was collecting welfare checks!
  2. He convinced the entire world that he (someone who has never boxed professionally) actually had a chance against a proven boxer who never lost a fight in his entire boxing career.
  3. He’s exploded his already gigantic global personal brand at 29 years old.

You see he, didn’t lose. We lost. As a business person, I need to learn from his ability to con everyone into buying (with dollars) into a hype. Yes, the people of the world was duped into believing everything the media presented with him and Mayweather was real, and they both got rich from it. We were baited into the hype, helped promote and fuel it to the major event that it was. It’s pretty impressive and admirable if you look at the business fundamentals. I’ve learned how to con people at a young age for small wins. As an adult, I con people for a good laugh and entertainment but to make $100 million from it? My mind can’t comprehend.

What are some of the best legitimate hustles you’ve seen out there?

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