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Is it just me or is the human race poisoned by prejudice, and absolutely frantic with hatred and fear, galloping pell-mell back to the Dark Ages?

A message to my fellow Chinese.

Many racial groups in the past 100 years have faced adversity. As Chinese, our greatest struggle during the period was the Japanese invasion and entering into America dealing with the Geary Chinese Exclusion Act. Today, your life will be impacted by a disease whether you have it or not.

We have hard times ahead of us. You are no longer seen as the stereotype who is good at math or a whiz with computers. You are now a walking suspect of a killer disease.
An old video one Chinese person eating something disgusting recirculating as current “information”
People creating memes that cause panic instigating prejudice, racism, bias, and fear.
News sources presenting irresponsible and intentionally inflammatory headlines with absolutely no supporting sources.

Additionally, we in North America are driving our own panic. Buying out supermarkets like the apocalypse is coming.
Sharing, liking, or creating content of a Chinese person wearing masks and dodging their own people as a joke.
Social media posts and comments attacking us on our traditions and values. 

How does all the above make you feel? Sad? Angry? Unsure?

We need to respond to this colossal problem and create awareness with the people around us. Do so without expecting sympathy. Not let fear drive us. Turn off survival mode and go about your day. Be united globally.

  • Take control of Social Media. There are so much half-truths and outright falsehoods being shared. Report it, downvote it, or clarify with a response. Promote the positive content.
  • Do not tolerate bigotry. Your colleagues or classmates are being dicks by calling you Corona or some nonsense of that nature? Stand up against them. If extreme, report to school administration, HR, your employment law, and walk out.
  • Be responsible. If you have symptoms that mimic the disease, go to the hospital, and disclose where you have traveled if tested positive. Don’t run or lie.
  • Have sympathy. Think of the families, medical and military personnel in ground zero. Those of us living thousands of miles from Wuhan have the power to change the negative narrative that is being circulated. 

Be the tale of solidarity,

Erwin Lee


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