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I must break you

It’s officially been 65 days since I acquired Hubnest. The months leading up to the acquisition felt like Rocky Balboa training in Moscow to fight Ivan Drago, and the last two months is the first round of the Exhibition Match.

The timing was a mess with several major personal commitments. Friends and acquaintances did their part with their verbal support, but at the end of the day I knew I was tackling this stage of life alone.

In this short time, I learned there’s a cost to being a solo entrepreneur leader. I’m not talking about just capital. After giving up the Manhattan apartment, the sports car, and sold a few watches – I lose whatever comfort I had and strapped to an emotional roller coaster because chaos is part of the deal.

Inheriting the matters I did not deal with or oversee previously taught me some lessons for the future. I also discovered some not so great things that occurred here during the acquisition that was deceptive, but again, it’s what I inherited and I just have to deal with it.  

erwin lee broken

The good news is I have the freedom to steer the company in any direction I want, and take some risks without reservation for anyone else. The bad news is after 15 years, I started smoking again and my daily lifestyle is unbalanced – I look and feel like complete garbage.

If you see me in person and I seem spaced out – Now you know why.

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