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Welcome to the deep dark abyss of my mind

WELCOME TO MY DOMAIN! Remember the days of Xanga? A place for you inner thoughts to be shared with a small circle of friends. I actually miss it. While Facebook has been a great outlet to share things, I often feel quite a bit of inhibition with work folks, family, my underage cousin’s lurking eyes. I can’t say FUCK without thinking twice if that’s appropriate for some of my audience. Well, now this exists. I have no intention of sharing this publicly. I also setup a robot txt file so it’s not searchable.

Being a new entrepreneur for a company that makes websites, I figured it only made sense for me to truly learn how to build what I sell. I know, the site looks like shit. I’m not a super all-star programmer OK? I’ll work on it. Promise. I just need a place to write, and unload all my stupid, perverted, nonsensical thoughts. Yes, I know about Medium but after writing so much on Asian Avenue, Xanga, MySpace ALL WHICH HAVE DIED… It only makes sense to create and write for my own domain.

Some ground rules I’m giving myself as a writer and you as a reader:

I will not share names or faces other than my own or extremely public figures. I’ve learned this year sometimes you can have friends who are suddenly no longer friends and it’s weird seeing their pictures in your Facebook feed. So fuck that.

Everything I say is of my own opinion and of the time of my current thought. This might change in the future so don’t hold it against me. If you do, I also won’t give a rats ass. Unless you’re my future kids. Or wife. To my future family (if I end up with one… OR TWO?), just know your dad is a bit strange in the brain. If you don’t know this already, I might not be your paternal father. Go ask your mother.

I will probably be extremely sarcastic and satirical. I mean take my writing seriously but know when NOT to take too seriously. If you don’t understand sarcasm, you probably shouldn’t get too invested in visiting my web page. This is a place for people who appreciate brass balls.

So enjoy and let’s see if I can keep a steady pace with this.

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