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No pressure; no diamonds

This is going to be a cryptic post, so be warned.

Early in the year, I entered into a conversation I knew would change the way I do business. The biggest change of my responsibility is I technically have a ‘boss’ now. While some of you might not understand; the thought is scary. I haven’t been directly employed under someone since 2012. That’s nearly 8 years ago.  The opportunity however is an exciting one. I admire every way they operate in. They’re the kind of organization that stays under the public radar but is connected in so many different places.

So far my expected responsibilities have been unpredictable but I’m doing my part for the organization as a whole. My team is pleasant to work with while I have very minimal engagement with the other arms of the organization. The parent company clearly has a boatload of money and I’ve been treated like an executive even though I don’t feel like one. My assistant seems to understand how the machine needs to run but doesn’t have a clue where the ball drops.

The pressure of my job has changed because I no longer faced my own critic but of other highly intelligent constituents with two to three times the experience I possess. At the same time, I’ve met my ‘boss’ once, I am still operating my personal businesses, I have no clue who is overseeing my work or if anyone is even look in my direction. 

BUT I had to do this. I have to put myself into this position no matter how much my gut was saying there’s a high chance I could bomb this. This really came down to knowing myself. I intrinsically grow when overcoming pressure and adversity, even if it’s self-developed. Not growing and taking chances is non-negotiable for me. I tell this to myself all the time – If I’m stagnant, something is wrong.

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