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A child who won’t grow up turns into a fool

Just to preface, this is not a paid sponsored post. I genuinely think Christmas is coming upon us and we’re beginning to see the shopping noise for Black Friday and Christmas. While many adults (including myself) are thinking the usual suspects like anything by Star Wars themed or promoted by Ryan’s World will be the most popular toys – you’d
be correct! But I am going to call it now. I’m going to say it. There is one toy that will creep out of nowhere and no one will see coming that EVERY, I mean EVERY kid will not complain about. And they won’t break the wallet.

Rise of the mysterious toy!

Do you remember Loot boxes? Basically this company called Zuru partnered with many CPG brands to use their labels to create something that is completely unusable but socially so acceptable by many kids, teens, and adults (at least myself). Introducing:

Surprise Mini Brands Toys.

mini brands opening
mini brands assorted

A sphere comprised of 5 mysterious surprise items inside containing anything from mini Mentos packages to mini Vaseline jars. Low key, I was kinda disappointed the products were actually empty but look how cute they are!

The reason why I’m writing about this is because I had the opportunity to experience opening one of the toys with my cousin (50+ female) and her 18 year old daughter – the Joy these things sparked in all of us, Maria Kondo should be endorsing them. We began replacing actual household items with the mini products to play as a prank on my cousin’s husband when he walked around the house.

Most of the time, I would say I have a balance in being serious and goofing off. But I noticed majority of my friends and family forgot how to have fun because adult life is so serious 99% of the time. Does this mean they’re not a fool? You decide.

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