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The boarding gate is not my scene

We live in a world where what you look like matters more than who you actually are. As human beings, we feel inclined to put more effort into our virtual image than our real self-image (Thanks, Instagram).

This weekend, some acquaintances invited me to a weekend getaway where the meeting point was a small airport. I invited a friend and upon arrival, we were directed to an airplane hangar with multiple private jets. Seeing this level of wealth no longer shocks me due to some of the circles I’ve dabbled with. My first thought wasn’t “wow, look at this inspiration to move up in the world”, instead I thought, this is what “instagrammers” pine over.

Using the brief moment my friend and I were alone in the hangar, we thought it would be funny to recreate some of the cliché instagram posts. Here were the results:

I posted these pictures on my Instagram for several days because it would be funny. My friends know I don’t have private jet money. I have Costco shopping spree money.

The results from the Instagram post was pretty interesting. Some people I rarely see irl didn’t even read the captions “Not My PJ” and reached out to “catch up”. I received more unsolicited DM’s than the usual amount! Some were folks asking to collab, people asking what I do, and women I’ve never met saying “hello”. What started as a good joke turned weird and kind of made me realize people need to find their chill.

So folks, the conclusion is the Internet can be convinced of anything if you sell it correctly. After a week, I took the post down from Instagram, as the messages I got were getting dicey, but it was interesting to see how people react to you from just pictures.

Reminder, I don’t have a PJ.

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