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Team Development

Beyond Query offers services in the area of innovative concepts, strategic planning, introducing off market technology. Their experiences in globally reaching industries give them the ability to creatively apply the right technology for different markets.

Client:Beyond QueryYear:2019Location:New York CityRole:VP of Innovation


I signed on with Beyond Query as a consultant during the acquisition of the domain I owned at the time. The founders are a group of established financial investors who were highly focused in the technology space and how that would change the commercial banking industry. 

In the two years operating, Beyond Query has worked on some radical data technologies such as Blockchain. Their core competency is in data analysis for Commercial level banks and hosting education platforms on the future of banking. 

In 2019, I received an offer from them to step in as an interim Vice President of Innovation to offer their clients a service to product development and technical sales teams. With little hesitation, I accepted but proposed I commit only a limited time. 

As of currently, I am actively working with two major commercial banks in the US and responsible for hiring over 100+ individuals who are engineers, devops, product managers, and designers. I have also trained 5 senior management level employees on technical team management. 

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