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Hubnest is an award winning creative innovation provider. They aim to bring game changing web technology to brands, agencies, and the technology community with unique technology service offerings.



Hubnest is a company I started in partnership around early 2013. The original intention behind it was to be a dedicated back-end company specializing in custom CMS Automation. 

In 2014, an organic pivot was made as clients and the market began identifying our team as great website creators to small to midsize businesses. Our success came from consultative functional design and client business knowledge management. 

Over the course of two years, the market began to influx with affordable freelancers and overseas developers building end-to-end websites for the same market. We had supplement our growth by working with global agencies on their national US and global brands more as the main consultative vendor in key areas specifically back-end systems and data management. 

In 2017, I personally acquired the equity of Hubnest. I eliminated the relationships with all agency partners as the company was receiving none of the notoriety nor could be make claim to the work. Another transformation took place in transforming into less as an agency (or their provider) and more of an innovation firm. We won several awards this year and one for myself personally.

In 2019, we have created more partnership based relationships with clients and agencies. This adjustment from transaction or project based relationship sets a precedence the long term visions are aligned. The team now operates more methodically than ever, resulting in positive strategies for growth and predicting risk for analysis.

In 2020, after going through a buyout period longer than I expected, I made the choice to exit. Haha. SEE YA! Just kidding. I’ll still be floating around like a ghoul. Free for coffee?

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