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Productive Formula is an automotive digital firm focused in reaching the new age of car buyers with innovative retail merchandising tools.

Company:Productive FormulaYear:2018Location:ChicagoRole:Investor


While I was personally no longer directly involved in the automotive industry, I was still in contact with many colleagues in the industry who still harped on the challenges of having their new car VDP (Vehicle Details Page) be as detailed as their used vehicle inventory VDP. 

This sparked an idea. After years operating in the tech space and identifying how some innovative industries have utilized technology to perform many mundane tasks, why couldn’t someone build a system do solve this problem? 

The idea began by putting together a simple POC and ran it through my engineers. It was do-able. That’s all I needed for the next question – can we incorporate human lifestyle content data? I recall the response from my Lead Dev

“Why is lifestyle content relevant to buying a car?”

This is when I realized why nothing like this has been created. One of the most intelligent person I know didn’t realize  his request to purchase a less powerful but lighter weight laptop was so it was easier to carry for his daily commute. He did not purchase based on features alone; he downgraded to manage his daily lifestyle.

The new age of car buyers are no longer shopping in the most traditional sense of “good deals” and “service” They purchase emotionally in how everything fits into their lifestyle. This was the conviction I needed in my comprehensive POC.

March 2018 – Update

I injected my own money as seed funding to create a MVP. I hired two ML experts to help create the system architecture along with my dev team.

June 2018 – Update

MVP was created and I found investors by the first round of pitches to begin building the entire platform. 

May 2019 – Update

Platform was complete. Sales and marketing strategy deployment is under way!

January 2020 – Update

One step closer to signing one of the largest automakers in the country. 

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