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Revisiting old beaten paths

I have not stepped foot in this Basilica for the better part of 19 years. When I stepped in making sacrament and kneeling before taking a seat by the pew, a lot of old memories washed over me.

Sitting in Sister Theresa’s office for getting in trouble in the school yard again.

My first girl crush in 3rd grade – Melissa where I would spend countless dollars that didn’t belong to me just to impress her by buying her candy

The time my grandmother finally gave into western culture and spent the little money she had to buy me a plastic mask so I could participate in Halloween activities at the school gym.

When Raphael the custodian would personally deliver left over crates of milk to us because we didn’t have much and he didn’t want the lunch leftovers to go in the waste.

While I still became less than a model child to my family and to the neighborhood, I realized a lot of my current discipline came from this very space, shaped by the school uniforms, strict conduct, and compassionate faculty. It’s nice to take a walk on old beaten paths sometimes.

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