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How the fuck do I not kill plants

In my 33 years of living, I have owned maybe 6 plants and conceded I don’t have a green thumb. I somehow am 0 for 6 with potted plants and it drives me up the wall why I keep failing at it. There must be some fundamental framework to growing plants I haven’t figured out. To add to the frustration, I have this no quitting mentality so it’s an endless cycle of failing and hating myself for constantly killing something living. The kicker is I come from an ancestry of farmers.

My grandparents have owned farms with acres of crops in China. I have seen them turn a twig in soil into a bush! My dad has the ability to grow incredible plants and vegetation in his backyard through the harshest climates for fun. Can you imagine if weed was legalized? Asians would be the most successful Cannabis growers in the world.

Two weeks ago I was given this potted plant with two blooming beautiful yellow sunflowers and like 5 neat and uncluttered green leaves. I kept it by the window. Watered regularly. The two flowers died, I cut and discarded them. One flower began sprouting poorly and it’s now dying as you can see. The green leaves however have been growing like crazy and now looks like a lettuce plant. HOW!? What am I doing wrong? Is there a god of farming I must pray to?

The good news is the cactus in the background is doing well! Maybe I’m speaking too soon…

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