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A message from a texting idiot (me)

I always thought I was this complex creature difficult to be understood by many, especially by romantic interests. My colorful childhood and chaotic day-to-day as an entrepreneur made me eccentric. Articles like The Biggest Dating Problem Entrepreneurs Have validated the underlying problem was the lifestyle choice I made. I soon discovered, that’s not the problem. The problem is simpler than that…

Tonight was my first date in the last several months. I remember why I have not been enjoying going on dates as of late – texting. I can say this without reservation because I courted girls in a time before texting. I have been flirting with girls since the time of having a house phone when calls were billed by the minute. My family would say phone calls longer than three minutes, is considered 煲電話粥 (cooking congee with the phone). This might sound insane to some of you younger folks but someone could call a house and if no one answered – it was okay!

The way we communicate as human beings has matured so fast that some people’s expectations never caught up. So much that there are some serious expectations such as: I have to respond in a timely fashion, hope I don’t say something stupid, not lie about where I am, and holding my schedule accountable because if I’m not working, I should be texting, right? Sure.

You’re thinking why are these expectations a bad thing?

Because us men fuck up. I’ll admit it and you ladies know it. Texting is too much responsibility for us. Stupid men and smart men fuck up, especially with girls we are interested in. Texting leaves too much room for error on our part.

Guys write off others girls because they feel too pressured with the incessant texting, or a girl doesn’t want to go on that first date because she knows he is fucking the attraction up with his bullshit text game.

So on behalf of the stupid archaic men out there, I ask that you be understanding… or not be a texting psycho.

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